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fluxBox - Smart IoT

FluxBox, the revolutionary IoT solution, is your key to a seamlessly connected world. Imagine a device that effortlessly integrates all your smart technologies, ensuring they work in perfect harmony.


fluxGateway, your seamless communication, leveraging cutting-edge LoRa technology to bridge needs in the field. Where innovation meets necessity, fluxGateway lights the way to a connected future.


fluxConnect is the key to binding fluxBoxes to the digital realm with unparalleled ease. Leveraging GSM technology (2G/3G/4G) and WiFi, it ensures uninterrupted data flow, enabling real-time insights and control from anywhere.


fluxDashboard is a multi-platform information system that can be accessed on various devices and other operating systems. This system can help us make decisions more precisely because the system runs in real time and also the system can monitor other flux devices.


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IoT device manufacturing produces interconnected gadgets communicating online, from sensors to complex machinery.

Flux pioneers R&D in industrial IoT, fostering innovation, shaping the future, and delivering industry-specific solutions for sustained growth.

Flux pioneers Platform Development for industrial IoT, blending cutting-edge tech and industry insights to deliver tailored solutions, optimizing processes and driving innovation.

Flux excels in Product Custom Development, strategically tailoring solutions for diverse industries in the IoT realm. Through comprehensive analysis and close collaboration, bespoke products are crafted to address challenges and amplify operational efficiency.

Flux, a reliable Installation, Support, and Maintenance partner, ensures seamless integration of IoT solutions, offering ongoing excellence and empowering businesses through the entire IoT lifecycle.


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with more than 2 Years battery life.

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